About BeU and
Founder, Sam Hoyt

BeU is all about love — especially self-love. The BeU community is comprised of like-minded humans who are living a life of successful ease based on the pillars of BeU and The First Five program.  

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Hi! I’m Sam Hoyt, founder of BeU and creator-teacher of the First Five program.

With the loving support of my wife, Kristen, and 3 amazing children – AJ, Gus, and Louie – BeU and the First Five programs are thriving. I’m so grateful to have this role as a coach, leader, speaker and source of inspiration for others.

My journey to becoming a leading personal development coach started as all epic stories start: “Young man sets out to discover his true self.”

My early career lacked clear focus and I bounced around the US and roles, “trying on roles to see if they fit.” 

After my older brother gave me a chance as as a sunglasses sales rep, I switched things up and moved to Jackson, WY, where I discovered myself through my love of outdoor sports including mountain biking and skiing.

A few years later, I moved to Denver, CO for a job that ended before it began. 

Then I had an opportunity to participate in a Salesperson Start class led by life transformation architect, Townsend Wardlaw. 

He will tell you “ I put out the greatest vibe that place ever witnessed!” This is humility speaking because I told myself that is what I was going to do. The universe committed me!

After that life-shifting experience, my life took off in a positive direction very quickly. 

I re-started a career, met and married my wife, had two kids in three years. Our third baby blessed our lives a few years later.

I was fired when my first kid was three months old, I started a company called BeU but it never took off, so I got a job at a family-owned sales agency selling rock climbing equipment.

When my second kid was one month old, I started my own sales agency.

That is my beginning, everything from then to now is where I have found my true potential.

When I got out of my way and realized that I am here to guide and inspire.

That is when I realized my niche is:

My experiences have been in several areas of sales but mainly repetitive cycle sales. My calling is to listen and guide those that are searching to find who they are in this world.

I help sales organizations find their being, individuals looking to evolve and become successful, and young adults just starting their adult lives.

I’m here to listen and help you. And if I can’t help directly, I’m committed to connecting you with someone who can! 

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