Getting the Most From BeU

Visit the Creators Canvas. I will be posting on here the steps I took and take to create my life. My Time Session.  Feeling stuck? Surrounded by the same un-useful re-occurring thoughts?   We can dive deep into a what you are seeing in your life.  I am committed to help find multiple perspectives. How […]

A Few Practices to Consider

Meditations to music in the 432 HZ frequency really helps calm the mind down Journal: Here are three simple journal prompts. ~Commitments Question to ask: Where am I in my commitments to: Health, Fun, Money, Physical, Relationship, Volunteering, Learning ~Gratitude Journal: What am I thankful for?  What is the good in something I am perceiving as […]

Sam’s Life-Changing Videos

Thank you for taking the time to enjoy more of the wonderful content on this website.  My goal is to open my heart and share with you what has helped me.  FOR YOURSELF! Watch the below videos.  I am not going to say anything about the videos because they are for you to experience in […]