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BeU Creator Tools explore the workings and philosophies of some of the greatest minds and humans practicing SELF BEING!  I have done my best to include some of my favorite people and excerpts.  The list is long and grows daily but these I are the ones I currently come back to the most.

My hope is that you can open your soul to creativity of self and learn from what these beautiful people are sharing. 

In doing so please recognize THIS CAN BE YOU.  What I mean is nothing in me or them exists that you the one reading this doesn’t have their version of “I AM.”  We are so beautiful.  I hope you hear that!

A few invitations as you explore: 

~ BE OPEN!  This is important. If you give yourself permission, you could change your life today.

~  This is not self-help! This is self-acknowledge and the initial steppingstones to finding commitment. Want to be the best father? What does that look like? GO DO IT. If you fail, recognize that you learn, love, and go again and again and again!  It is not about falling. It is about how you get back up.

~Once is not enough.  Consume this content often and add your own resources! 

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Books to add to your list

Principles: Life and Work

Ray Dalio

In this book you will learn the process and creation of the principles Ray Dalio applied to developing Bridgewater capital. This book gave me the perspective of living to a code of conduct both professionally and personally.

Mastery: The Keys to Success and Long-Term Fulfillment

George Leonard

Before reading this book most of life was a series of “have to’s” and show up to everything with no thought or effort of doing my best. In the book you will wake up to your biggest life events at the highest potential you can create. The mastery encourages me to strive for excellence.

The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

Don Miguel Ruiz

You'll have to read this book to learn “the four agreements” but I walked away with a deeper understanding of the importance of my thoughts and how often the same thoughts came up.

Into the Magic Shop: A Neurosurgeon's Quest to Discover the Mysteries of the Brain and the Secrets of the Heart

James R. Doty MD

Having trouble forgiving yourself? James Doty explores compassion and empathy and apply both to yourself. The art of visualizing your future life is not only displayed deeply in the book, but also the alternative of not creating one's future self. Who knows the person you will become to achieve your goals!

Think Again: The Power of Knowing What You Don't Know

Adam Grant

Adam Grant changed everything for me. I walked around thinking life was black and white for so long. When I read this book I discovered so many new ways of thinking and identifying new perspectives.

Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

Josh Foer

I was able to explore new techniques of increasing my level of memory. Because of this book I can obtain and hold important information through visual ion and story telling. I am so happy to have this book as a tool in my tool box because it has helped me retain so much information.

The Richest Man In Babylon

George S Clasen

This book taught me a simple solution as to how money can be saved and spent. It also applies to time and so much more in life.

Ishmael: A Novel

Daniel Quinn

I don’t even know where to start. This may be my favorite book I have ever read. They concept of the leavers and the tackers left me pondering how I am living my life. It left me in search of ways I can serve others especially the family I have created with Kristen Hoyt.

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Phil KNight

Any time I am frustrated, scared, uncertain of the future with my business I recall what Phil Knight details in the book. This book reminds me that the good and the bad are all part of the story when creating a business. The power is to keep moving forward, serve and walk towards your vision.

The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom

Jonathan Haidt

This book gave me the operator's manual to happiness. Not only are aspects of universal happiness discussed but the idea of obtaining them are outlined right here for you. I walked away with a better understanding of the sacrifice of long term happiness versus short term fulfillment.

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if Your Life Depended on It

Chris Voss

Reading this book not only outlines the skills and technique need to operate a negation. I walked with a whole new outlook of how I speak in all conversation. Because of using words to my advantage I can know gain an understanding of the underlying communication I participate in. it is a game changer.

People to follow

Myself (as in you, but here is my version)

So much of in my life started to change when I realized I can do what I need to do. It is always me standing in my way. Something bad would happen and I would only focus on the problem and live like life would always be that way. Something good would happen and I would celebrate and live like life would always be that way. Something clicked and now I focus on who I am BEing. My intent is to repeat the good stuff and learn from the not so good stuff. Focusing on my BEing helps me see through the forrest and keeps my eyes on the horizon. All of this thinking is just the beginning - I am barely scratching the surface and I always we be! I have so much more to learn about me!

Townsend Wardlaw, Coach of BEing and Founder of Peace, Freedom, and Connection

Townsend illuminated a life of creation to me. I was smart enough to drink from the water he brought me to. The thinking he exposed me to is not only changing me daily but changing everyone I encounter. To me, the very fact I view myself as a BE-lievable person on the matters of self-awareness is because of my work with Townsend.

Jim Rohn

You can only experience him through video as Jim has passed on. Mr. Rohn was a farm boy from Idaho born into obscurity. Those are his words. But I will tell you this the work he did on himself throught his mentor Earl Shoop. Mr Rohn died with $500 million dollars in the bank accredited to helping millions of individuals turn their lives around. Did for me! Trust me on this.

Steve Jobs

I was so impatient with where I was in my life. This video came along, and two revelations occurred for me. 1) Like Mr. Jobs in this video I was creating a catalogue of experiences that were creating my contribution to knowledge. Right there in the moment I realized the more I get out and experience the more I will learn, and advancement will come quicker. 2) When starting something new look back at your life with a laser sharp focus on to what led you to this. Ask yourself who have I been to get here, what have I learned on the way here? The thoughts you will create in the two questions (and more) will be everything you need to get started.

Steve Hardison: TBOLITNFL Video

I will not tell you the meaning. I invite you to watch this video. One the speakers is the ultimate coach on BEing! This video is the soul of commitment and what we can all be. If you get a little commitment in you on something you can rock the world. I promise you this. This website is a commitment. It is a commitment from me to you for you to love yourself!

Werner Erhard: Heart of the Matter Talk

When talking about the exploration of life mysteries like “thinking about what I don’t know that I don’t know, I don’t know. There is so much in life to learn. Guilty am I to the day but aware I am of out limited my knowledge is compare to the amount of information that is at my fingertips. I am not talking about the internet. I am talking about human interaction. The small ones in public the deep ones with loved ones. If you are concerned that you are missing out on learning from every opportunity you experience listen to this man.

Steve Chandler: Agreement vs. Expectation

I wish I would have listened to this the day I was born. It would have saved so much time and emotion in my life. If you feel as though you are always letting people down or people are letting you down, please listen to this talk. You will learn the difference between Agreement and Expectations. You will learn how to live in to them. You will learn to let go! It will help you love yourself and everyone you are close to.

Marianne Williamson

I heard this in the TBOLITNFL video but when I heard this it struck a chord with be with. I decided that to change my soul. Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness, that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented. Fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be?”

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