A Few Practices to Consider

Sam Hoyt

July 15, 2022

Meditations to music in the 432 HZ frequency really helps calm the mind down https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H6nuROx1lA

Journal: Here are three simple journal prompts.

~Commitments Question to ask: Where am I in my commitments to:

Health, Fun, Money, Physical, Relationship, Volunteering, Learning

~Gratitude Journal: What am I thankful for?  What is the good in something I am perceiving as bad.

~Acknowledgment Journal:  What do I want to brag about!! Celebrate with yourself.  Start with the little things.

Reminders:  Keep a piece of paper with your goals, who you want to be, your commitments for the day.  There are even apps you can use like: My Gratitude Buddy or The I AM app. You can name files on your phone with power works our use widgets to keep you life principles listed on your phone.

Content:  Read, podcast, books on tape. Mediation, self-affirmations, silence, re-reading your Journals, learning a new skill, History, Make sure not all your content is not entertainment

Seek Feedback:  For me this may be the best form of education.  Sometimes the feedback comes from ourselves, people close to us or acquaintances.  When I stopped always defending myself I sure did learn what people thought of me.



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