Getting the Most From BeU

Sam Hoyt

July 15, 2022

  1. Visit the Creators Canvas. I will be posting on here the steps I took and take to create my life.
  1. My Time Session.  Feeling stuck? Surrounded by the same un-useful re-occurring thoughts?   We can dive deep into a what you are seeing in your life.  I am committed to help find multiple perspectives. How are you living into these aspects of life: Relationship, Career, Learning, Money, Spiritual, Fun, Health, and Volunteering.  What miracles are you creating that you feel stuck in?  Have you listened to the reoccurring thoughts?
  1. The First Five Program: The First Five Program creates a daily foundation by creating consistency in the very first five things you do each day.  In addition to create a morning routine that services you we develop what are the First Five things you do through out at the day: Work, reaction (good or bad), so on and so on.  You will notice in this course you get time back in your life. So you start to live into your time differently to make sure we are applying the most healthy upgrades to our minds we have a report card to aspect of life to ensure you are creating the life you dream of. The First Five group consists of 5 to 8 men  is conducted over zoom for two hours a season every other week for a 12 week period.
  1. Public Speaking engagements:  
    1. Sales Being Processes – Who do I need to be to close that deal?
    2. Commitment with Out a Plan – How to learn on the way and never make a mistake.
    3. Self-love Through Self-forgiveness – The creation of Self Awareness and the gift you can share.
    4. Laughing at Life:  When it rains it pours. How to maintain a good attitude in the ups and downs.



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